Regulation Nation: Tattoo Proposal Infuriates body artists

Fatty discusses proposed 24 hour proposed wait period with Tucker Carlson of Fox News 


Media – The National Review Online

Your Tattoo Artist Won’t See You Now. 
Proposed regulations threaten D.C.’s tattoo and body-piercing industry.

by Betsy Woodruff
September 11, 2013

You can help! Petition the DC Department of Health at

Unfortunately, the DC Department of Health put forth a revised set of proposed regulations that is just as misinformed as the first. DC Coalition Member, Tim Corun, created a petition here. Please take a moment and add your voice. Polite responses are best.  Help us in our effort to turn back misinformed and detrimental proposals that would cripple safe tattooing in the District of Columbia.
Thank you!

Protect Body Art in DC!

The DC Coalition of Professional Body Artists consists of a unified group of tattoo artists and shop owners, dedicated to keeping the implementation body art safe, skilled, and available to adults who choose to visit any number of professional, licensed tattoo shops throughout the District of Columbia. We do not believe in excessive government regulation, but rather rely on universal industry standards, peer to peer communication and pride in our craft to maintain a safe, sanitary environment.